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Energy which cannot be created or destroyed that mean’s total energy in our world is fixed. Only it can be convert one form to other form like, thermal energy to electrical energy or electrical energy to mechanical energy and so on. From all kinds of energy, Electrical energy occupies the top grade in the energy hierarchy. It finds innumerable uses in home, industry, agriculture even a transport .The facts that electricity can be transported practically instantaneously ,is almost pollution free at the consumer level and that is use can be controlled very easily ,make it very attractive as compared to other forms of energy. The energy comes from two different kinds of sources,
• Non renewable energy source
• Renewable energy source
In nonrenewable energy source raw energy is falling water, in deposits of coal, oil and gas, and in certain types of refuse has yielded most readily to control and is applied commercially today. The amount of energy that may be extracted from a given source depends on its nature and the way it will be used. Today’s world from overall energy production 83% [3] come from non renewable energy especially from fuel (oil, gas, coal). These resources are limited and there use result’s in global worming due to emission of green house gas like carbon dioxide which is risky of our life. To overcome from the problem of using fossil fuel we can concern about renewable energy sources. The renewable energy is that kind of energy which can be recycled and it is not produce any green house gas whose result’s is global warming. The raw materials of renewable energy are wind, sun, hydro, wave, tidal etc.
The main source of energy of world is sun which is one kind of renewable energy. The sun is the source of the life on our planet Earth and, directly or indirectly, is the fuel for most renewable systems. Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, as well as solar thermal power stations, convert solar irradiation directly into useable energy. Each square meter of the sun’s surface emits a radiant power of 63.1 MW [4], which means that just a fifth of a square kilometer of the sun’s surface emits an amount of energy equal to the global primary energy demand on earth. Only a small part of this energy reaches the earth’s surface. This resource can be used to meet the global energy demand.


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